Subject Type of works
Expert jobs and consulting Consulting and troubleshooting of machines and systems.
Machine design analysis, FEM analysis Analysis and optimisation of machines design with the use of finite element method (FEM).
Design of machines and systems Design of atypical machines and systems (including test rigs, quality testers etc).
Manufacturing of designed prototypes and systems and their implementation. Design of power transmission systems.
Structural steelwork design and hull modifications Design of prototype steel constructions utilized for off-shore processing of crude oil. Analysis of stress and strain in existing steel constructions utilized at sea.
Bearing engineering Bearings investigations (in real life and on laboratory tests rigs). Design and modernization of bearing systems, especially with hydrodynamic thrust and journal bearings. Design of unconventional bearings. Assessment of bearing systems condition, consulting in the areas of failure analysis, bearing design and manufacturing technology. Bearings manufacturing in cooperation with specialised firms.
Engineering supervision over: manufacturing, assembly and commissioning.
Ecological bearing systems for water turbines Designs necessary for environmental protection.
Modernization hydroelectric power plants in direct contact with water reservoirs and rivers
in the way minimizing the environmental hazards.
Researches of water lubricated or self-lubricating bearings for various applications, including hydropower.
Friction, wear and lubrication Analysis and selection of bearing materials for unconventional bearing systems (e. g. water lubricated or dry).
Computational assessment of pipelines condition Computation of stresses caused by deformation of pipelines or its corrosion defects (using finite element method and also according to ASME and DNV standards).