Modernization of bearings of water turbines of Myczkowce Power Plant. Design of water lubricated guide bearing

(for Pumped Storage Power Plants Company and Zakład Remontowy Energetyki (ZRE)

Possibility of application of water lubricated journal bearings in Kaplan-type hydro turbines was analysed. For this purpose calculations of dynamic behaviour of rotating shaft of hydro generator were carried out. The finite element method (FEM) was applied. The shaft model took into account: inaccuracies of shaft alignment, unbalance, lateral hydraulic thrust on turbine rotor. Bearings were modeled as elastic elements with nonlinear characteristics computed separately with the aid of a specialised computer program. Results of analysis allowed for evaluation of acceptable level of unbalance, alignment errors and hydraulic thrust on turbine rotor in case of application of water lubricated bearing. Other requirements were specified. Additional design changes, which lead to easier turbine assembly and improved ecological safety were suggested. At the next stage, water lubricated bearing was designed together with an appropriate manufacturing process. Bearing manufacturing and assembly was supervised.


Project of modernization of thrust bearing of hydro turbines of Dychów Water Power Plant

(different parts for Energoprojekt Warsaw, Pumped Storage Power Plants Company, Voith Siemens Austria and ZRE Gdańsk)

More information: Prof Michał Wasilczuk, PhD. Eng.

Data from bearing operation was analyzed. In order to assess the possibility of bearing operation in new operating conditions calculations were carried out. Calculations showed, that there was a need of improved load distribution among bearing pads and of housing design modification. A modified thrust bearing was designed, in addition hydrostatic jacking system was introduced. Bearing manufacturing was supervised. Much lower variation of bearing pads temperatures in the modernized bearing confirmed the improved load distribution.





More information: Prof Michał Wasilczuk, PhD. Eng.




More information: Prof Michał Wasilczuk, PhD. Eng.






More information: PhD. Eng. Artur Olszewski


More information: PhD. Eng. Artur Olszewski


More information: PhD. Eng. Artur Olszewski


More information: PhD. Eng. Artur Olszewski


Design and introduction into industrial use of anti-vibrational Y-type hydrodynamic journal bearing which is designed especially for steam turbines

for ALSTOM Power

Completely new design of hydrodynamic Y-type journal bearing was devised and introduced. That bearing has better anti-vibrational properties than classical multi lobe journal bearings. The Y-bearing was patented. Several Y-type journal bearings were introduced in 78-200 MW steam turbines.


Modernization of 150 MW generator bearings

for ABB Generation Vasteras - Sweden

An original design of journal bearings with a spherical self aligning housing was elaborated and implemented. Steel surface sliding on PTFE provides minimum friction coefficient between bearing liner and housing, which improves alignment of journal and bearing bush during operation.


Design of anti – vibrational bearings for high-speed transmissions

for MAAG, ABB Marine

Design of anti-vibrational bearings with hydrodynamic dam for high-speed geared transmission units manufactured by ABB Marine was elaborated.


Design of modernized bearings of rolling stand

for Ironworks Częstochowa S.A

Design of modernized bearings of rolling stand was elaborated. Bearings durability was increased. A system of changeable bearing liners was introduced, which allows to cut downtime.