General research characteristics

Research and Development in the Department of Manufacturing and Production Engineering is carried out within three complementary divisions:

  1. Division of Manufacturing Process Planning and Automation
  2. Division of Machine Tools, Tools and Machining
  3. Division of Quality Management and Metrology

Presented below is brief description of activity of each of the groups accompanied by recent most important publications and the contact person details. For more information please refer to the departmental website

Main research areas

Division of Manufacturing Process Planning and Automation

  • Polymer material technologies and the techniques of the incremental shaping of models and machine parts
  • Research and development of the basics and technology of finishing machining using the chipless forming by burnishing and grinding machining by lapping
  • Microgrinding and smoothing of metal and ceramic elements
  • Principles of the exploitation and maintenance of machines
  • Business solutions regarding new investment projects considering the increase of productivity
  • Application of the Lean Production techniques


Adam Barylski, Włodzimierz Przybylski, Mariusz Deja, Stefan Dzionk, Mieczysław Siemiątkowski

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Contact: prof. Adam Barylski, email:


Division of Machine Tools, Tools and Machining

  • Design and implementation of tools and diagnostic devices for the industry
  • Energetic effects of the wood cutting process
  • Dynamics of circular blades
  • Technological machines and exploitation of cutting tools


Kazimierz Orłowski, Wojciech Blacharski

  1. K. Orłowski, T. Ochrymiuk, A newly-developed model for predicting cutting power during wood sawing with circular saw blades - Maderas-Ciencia y Tecnologia - 2017
  2. A. Kaczmarek-Peniašková, K. Orłowski, L. Javorek, Determination of the minimal critical rotational speeds of the circular saw blades with the quasi-twin resonant frequencies - 2017
  3. K. Orłowski, T. Ochrymiuk, J. Sandak, A. Sandak, Estimation of fracture toughness and shear yield stress of orthotropic materials in cutting with rotating tools - ENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS - 2017
  4. J. Sandak, K. Orłowski, T. Ochrymiuk, A. Sandak, M. Riggio, Report for the Short Term Scientific Mission within COST Action FP1101: development of the in-field sensor for estimation of fracture toughness and shear strength by measuring cutting forces - International Wood Products Journal - 2017
  5. M. Dobrzyński, K. Orłowski, M. Biskup, Selected aspects of the surface quality of the wooden elements after planing - 2017

Contact: prof. Kazimierz Orłowski, email:


Division of Quality Management and Metrology

  •  Quality management, measurements of size, geometry and surface properties of the objects
  •  Contact measurements of the surface and the statistical, normative and spectral analyses of the profile surface irregularities
  •  Design and analysis of the production systems including LeanSixSigma
  •  Geometrical properties of objects in compliance with the current standards using the coordinate-based measurement techniques
  •  Machining parameters on the geometrical structure of a surface in hardened state


Adam Boryczko, Michał Dobrzyński

  1. Boryczko A.: Cylindrical surface irregularities presented by frequency spectra of relative tool displacement to the workpiece. Measurement 43 (2010) 586 - 595, (ELSEVIER), Journal of the International Measurement, Confederation IMEKO.  JCR; IF = 0,761; IF(5) = 0,933.
  2. Boryczko A.: Profile irregularities of turned surfaces resulting from machine tool interactions. 3rd International Conference MANUFACRURING 2010. Contemporary problems of manufacturing and production management. PROCEEDINGS abstracts, Poznań University of Technology, Poznań 2010.
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  5. Boryczko A: Effect of waviness and roughness components on transverse profiles of turned surfaces. Measurement, 46(2013), 688-696. (ELSEVIER), Journal of the International Measurement, Confederation IMEKO, JCR.

Contact: DSc Adam Boryczko, prof. PG, email: