General research characteristics

Research and Development in the Department of Energy and Industrial Apparatus is carried out within four complementary divisions:

  1. Division of Eco-engineering and combusion engines
  2. Division of Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery
  3. Division of Thermal Energy Systems
  4. Division of Thermodynamics, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning


Presented below is brief description of activity of each of the groups accompanied by recent most important publications and the contact person details. For more information please refer to the departmental website

Main research areas

Division of Eco-engineering and combusion engines

  • High efficiency equipment for heat transfer, particularly with the change of phase and extended surfaces
  • Poligeneration systems with Stirling engine and fuel cells
  • Alternative fuels in combustion engines
  • Drives of vehicles and their energy and ecology effectiveness
  • Energy accumulation systems in vehicles


Janusz T. Cieśliński, J. Kropiwnicki

  1. Kropiwnicki J., Dominiczak P., Kneba Z., et al.: Analysis of the possibilities of using of DME fuel in motor boat drive systems. Combustion Engines. (2017), 171 (4), s. 74-80.
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  5. Sanger P. A., Ziyatdinova J., Kropiwnicki J., Nguyen P. V.: Changing Attitudes in Cross Cultural Diversity through International Senior Capstone Projects. 122nd ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, June 14 – 17, (2015), Seattle, s. 1-11.

Contact: dr Jacek Kropiwnicki, prof. PG, email:


Division of Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery

  • Design of heat turbines and microturbines (steam, gas, ORC)
  • CFD calculations of machine elements, bioflows, flying and floating objects
  • Cavitation calculations and investigations, optimization of turbine thermodynamic cycles
  • Rotor dynamics, aerodynamical excitations, turbine sealings, active flow and mechanical vibrations controls
  • Renewable energy and energy storage
  • High efficiency coal power plants 60+ and power plants for dispersed and prosument energy sector


Krzysztof Kosowski

  1. Krzysztof Kosowski, Ship Turbine Power Plants. Fundamentals of Thermodynamical Cycles, Foundation of the Promotion of Maritime Industry, Gdańsk 2005, ISBN: 83-922007-2-1
  2. Krzysztof Kosowski, Introduction to the Theory of Marine Turbines, Foundation    of the Promotion of Maritime Industry, Gdańsk 2005, ISBN:  83-922007-X
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  5.  Krzysztof Kosowski et al, Steam and Gas Turbines, II wydanie, Alstom, France-Switzerland-United Kingdom-Poland, 2007, ISBN: 978-83-925959-3-9

Contact: prof. Krzysztof Kosowski, email:


Division of Thermodynamics, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

  • Liquid Crystal Thermography in technical and biomedical applications
  • High temperature technologies of energy conversion (HTAC/HTAG)
  • Proecological utilisation of primary and renewable energy sources
  • Heat recovery in HVAC systems
  • New working fluids in refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems
  • High efficiency heat exchangers for heat recovery and heat accumulators


Jan Stąsiek

  1. M. Collins, J. Stąsiek, J. Mikielewicz, Chapter 7: Engineering Thermodynamics and the Carnot Cycle, - 2016
  2. T. Borda, P. Flaszyński, P. Doerffer, M. Jewartowski, J. Stąsiek, Flow visualization and heat transfer investigations on the flat plate with streamwise pressure gradient  - 2015
  3. W. Błasiak, J. Stąsiek, High Temperature Air Combustion and Gasification (HTAC; HTAG)  - 2015
  4. J. Stąsiek, W. Błasiak, W. Yang, M. Jewartowski, High Temperature Air/Steam Conversion of Biomass and Wastes Into Fuel Gas for Heat and Electricity Production  - 2015
  5. D. Mikielewicz, J. Cieśliński, J. Stąsiek, J. Szantyr, Research and Development at the Department of Energy and Industrial Apparatus of Gdansk University of Technology  - 2015

Contact: prof. Jan Stąsiek, email:


Division of Thermal Energy Technology

  • Procument energy systems, cogenerative and trigenerative systems
  • Management of waste heat using ORC and heat pumps
  • Conventional and non-conventional heating systems
  • High temperature and cascade heat pumps
  • Modern heat exchangers – mini and microchannels, microjet and hybrid
  • Heat transfer intensification in single and two phase flows
  • Passive transport of heat and mass
  • Design and commissioning of energy instalations


Dariusz Mikielewicz

  1. Mikielewicz J., Mikielewicz D., A simplified energy dissipation based model of heat transfer for subcooled flow boiling, Int . J. of Heat and Mass Transfer, 106, 280–288, 2017.
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  5. Mikielewicz D., Wajs J., Ziółkowski P., Mikielewicz J., Utilisation of waste heat from the power plant by use of the ORC aided with bleed steam and extra source of heat, Energy, 97, 11-19, 2016.

Contact: prof. Dariusz Mikielewicz, email: