Research and Development



Among the most important scientific and research achievements of the recent years of the activities of Machine Construction Technology Department and, subsequently, the Department of Machine Technology and Production Automation, one can list:

  • Selected issues on the quality of product within the electrotechnical engineering industry – CPBP – 02.20.
  • Automatic dressing wheel cut-off machine for steel bars and pipes up to 50 mm diameter.
  • Multiple dressing wheel (1300 mm) segment cut-off machine for cutting large sections.
  • Flat surface lapping process basic principles and the construction design of single disc lapping machine - CPBP-02.20.
  • Dressing wheel cut-off machine PS04 for cutting materials which are difficult to machine (with oscillating movement of the table and flexible feed system).
  • Computer-aided system for designing the technological process of spur gears - departmental task RP-I-06.
  • Frame saw with kinetic energy accumulator and free-piston drive – CPBR 6.5.
  • Automatic piston injection moulding machine WT15MDA.
  • Automatic device for smoothing the openings in the gear wheels (for FPS POLMO Tczew).
  • Measurement and analysis of the surface roughness in the diagnostics of the machine tools and in technological processes - CPBP-02.20.
  • Metrological spectral analysis of the surface roughness in the diagnostics of the machine tools.
  • Turning lathe – burnishing machine TUR 50CNC-N for machining the shafts with particularly high smoothness requirements - CPBR 6.1-1 (in cooperation with FAT PONAR).
  • Technology of burnishing the pivots of the crank discs of adjustable bolts (for ABB ZAMECH).
  • Flexible production system for machining the turned complex surfaces WJP 407 (for ZUO HYDROSTER in Gdańsk).
  • Diagnostics and quality improvement methods in the context of the EU standards requirements - KBN project no. 927006.
  • Optimization of the slide burnishing using CNC turning lathe machines – research project KBN no. PB 1299/S1/93.
  • Research on the trimming circular saw Fx3 - project POIR.01.01.01-00-0588/15 with financial support of the European Regional Development Fund for Rema SA in Reszel.

The following research projects financed by the National Science Centre and State Committee for Scientific Research were completed in the Department:

  • Developing the method and computer software for selecting the parameters of machining the machine parts by burnishing – 1995 (supervised by W. Przybylski).
  • Spectral methods of monitoring the components of macro- and micro-geometry of the structure of turned surface for technological diagnostics – 1996 (supervised by A. Boryczko).
  • The research of sawing wood in the trimming saws with accumulating the energy and balancing the system with thin saw moving on elliptical trajectory - 1997 (supervised W. Klimkiewicz).
  • Design and research of metal grinding wheel laps  – 1998 (supervised by A. Barylski).
  • Methodology of diagnostics of the quality systems of small companies and adjusting them to the European standards  – 1998 (supervised by  R. Kolman).
  • Defining the interdependencies between the characteristic features of the grinding wheels and performance properties of grinding wheel cutting process  – 1999 (supervised by  M. Feld).
  • Analysis of the single-disc lapping in the context of the requirements on the smoothness of the lapped surface – 2001 (supervised by  A. Barylski, supervisor project - M. Deja).
  • Research of the wood cutting process using thin blades on the trimming saws with elliptical tool movement trajectory  – 2001 (supervised by  W. Przybylski).

The Department Staff members participated in the realization of international research projects, such as:

  • Zeitfenstergesteuerte Fertigung von Bautelilen in segmentierten Unternehmen. D1 (TU Karlsruhe – 2001).
  • Optimierung der Arbeits-und Technologieplanung durch Berucksichtidung von interaktionen. E5 (TU Karlsruhe – 2002).
  • Joining by Rolling for Flexible Manufacture of Lightweight Frame Structures. DFG- TRANSREGIO-10 (TU Dortmund - 2003-2004).
  • Application of fuzzy logic to control the automated production process. Polish and French bilateral cooperation project POLONIUM (Université Champagne Ardenne de Reims – IUT de Troyes).

The most significant research and construction development projects completed in the Department include the following:

  • Development of multiple-blade trimming saw PRW-15, the industrial production of the machine launched by REMA company in Reszel. The device is being sold by Austrian company winge xxxxxx (Gold medal awarded at DERMA 99 Fair in Poznań, the Cup of the President of Polish Federation of Engineering Association and Minister of Science and Digitization in 2004).
  • Visual controller of the blades of circular saws WKOPTar – (2004, Silver medal at 53rd  World Exhibition of Inventions, Scientific Research and New Technologies Brussels - Eureka 2004 in Brussels).
  • Transverse profile identification system for the disc of the band saw ZaK  (2006, Gold medal at  55th  World Exhibition of Inventions, Scientific Research and New Technologies Brussels - Eureka 2006 in Brussels);
  • Circular saw for wood Ekomultix (2010, Gold medal awarded at DREMA 2010 Fair in Poznań);
  • System for eco-minded wood cutting with circular saws (2011, Silver medal in the Innovation 2011 competition at 7th Industrial Technology, Science and Innovatuion Fair Technicon Innowacje; Silver medal awarded at Seoul International Invetion Fair 2011).
  • Development of the design basis for modernization of the main drive of the trimming circular saw project POIR.01.01.01-00-0588/15 with the financial support of the European Regional Development Fund for Rema S.A. in Reszel.
  • Machining tools for burnishing of hardened steel and other materials (for Alstom Power S.A and MAAG Sp. z o.o. in Elbląg) and for machining the large rotors of turbines- Gold medal VIPO (Geneva) at International Invention Exhibition in Gdańsk 2002.
  • Specialized lapping tools with metal-abrasive inserts for lapping the surfaces.
  • Segment grinding wheel for cutting metals.
  • Device for electromechanical burnishing of the shafts on lathe machines.
  • Three-level revolving storage for shaft-type parts cooperating with ESP system robot.
  • Robotized technological workstation with ABB-IRB-2400 robot and pneumatic fittings.

The scientific research and technology-construction works which are currently conducted are connected with the following problems:

  • Lapping and micro-grinding processes and construction design of lapping machines,
  • Wood-cutting processes and construction design of trimming saws,
  • Various material machine cutting processes – turning, milling and grinding,
  • Burnishing processes with the construction design of tools and software for CNC lathe machines,
  • Technological surface layers of objects machined with various methods,
  • Specialized tools, grips and machining devices,
  • Diagnostics of technological machines and dynamic measurements,
  • Technology of injection moulding of objects made of plastics,
  • Quality management and assurance systems TQM, ISO standards in production of machines,
  • Flexible automated production systems (ESP) with production simulation,
  • Designing computer-aided technological processes (CAPP)
  • Production organization and management – programming CNC machining tools and robots (CAM),
  • Production planning and control,
  • Concurrent engineering and integrated techniques CAD/CAE/CAM,
  • Rapid prototyping of products and models using Raping Prototyping technique.