Research and Development

  • Intensification of heat exchange during flow boiling and flow condensation.
  • Intensification of heat exchange on the air-side of heat exchangers.
  • Numerical and physical modelling of high-temperature fuel combustion and gasification, in particularly from waste and biomass (HiTAC, HiTAG).
  • Modern concepts of heat exchangers: pump-less heat exchangers, micro heat exchangers, microchannel heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers.
  • Passive intensification of heat exchange on finned flat surfaces.
  • Implementation of advanced measurement techniques such as liquid crystal thermometry and thermography, PIV laser knife method, acid-alkaline modelling of combustion, isothermal water modeling of combustion, classic modelling.
  • Technical application of micro-jets streams in metallurgy and electronics.
  • Heat recuperation in air-conditioning and industrial processes.
  • Aerodynamic design of wind turbines.
  • Hydrodynamic design of rotary pumps and water turbines.
  • Steam and ORC power plants, micro power plants with 60+ efficiency circuits.
  • Car engine cooling systems with heat accumulation allowing lowering of the emission of toxic compounds in the engine warming-up phase.
  • Implementation of non-conventional energy conversion systems: renewable energy sources, solar engineering, energy storage.
  • Determination of the calorific values of solid, liquid and gas fuels.
  • Thermal and fluid flow research of power machines such as condensers, heat pumps, cooling, A/C and ventilation devices.
  • Experimental and theoretical research on cavitation phenomena in fluid flow machines.
  • Thermal measurements – design, research and verification of apparatus and measurement systems for simple and complex power systems, such as: thermometers, manometers, flowmeters, heat meters, etc.
  • Mobile interface identifying the operation conditions of a motor vehicle allowing standardization of fuel consumption.

Most important recent achievements

The most significant achievements in the recent period include:

  • 1 kW ORC micro power plant prototype – first in Poland.
  • Micro-scale cooling modules.
  • Temperature stabilization system for reducer-evaporator. The solution was implied in 2009 by ELPIGAZ Sp. z o.o. in Gdańsk.
  • Testing the ecological properties and supervising the operation of city buses powered by ethanol fuel. Implied in 2008 by MZK Słupsk.
  • Development of a prototype of the hybrid A/C device using the adsorption air drying process.
  • Patent for the internal heat recuperation system in A/C devices.
  • Patent for recuperating the heat from a power unit.
  • The activities of the Examination Centre in Gdańsk University of Technology (since 2004), entitled to award the certificates of competency for persons repairing and servicing heat pumps, cooling and A/C devices.