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Engineer Bogusław Niemkiewicz Laboratory  

Among the most significant achievements of the department one should list a thorough modernization of the department’s research laboratory and transferring it to the new premises. The project spanned four years (1998-2002) and was financed by the State Committee of Scientific Research. With the participation of all the members of the department’s staff load systems (hydraulic) at all the testing bays were replaced and new compact powering stations were introduced. New drive systems featuring the inverter power supply systems were constructed, along with the new measurement equipment. The research potential of the lab was increased by several new testing stations: MWO machine (machine with rotating load) for fatigue testing of thrust sliding bearings and two testers to perform the fatigue testing of bearing materials samples and two tribometers for testing the sliding matching in the conditions of to-and-fro motion. The laboratory facilities were moved to the historic building of the old boiler room, thoroughly renovated and adapted for the laboratory needs. In October 2005, within the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the activities of Gdańsk University of Technology and 100th anniversary of the presence of Technical University in Gdańsk the laboratory was named after Engineer Bogusław Niemkiewicz, the late, long-lasting supervising manager of the laboratory.


The basic testing stations which are currently located in the Department’s Laboratory include:


  • Universal station for testing the thrust bearings with highly precise measurement of the moment of friction with computerized measurement and control systems, SON -1,
  • Universal station for fatigue testing of sliding thrust bearings loaded dynamically SMOK,
  • Universal station for testing thrust bearings loaded statically PGII – 1Ł
  • Station for testing the bearings lubricated with the contaminated lubricating agent ZAN
  • Universal tribometer for testing the friction and wear PT-3 2ith computerized measurement and control systems,
  • Station for testing high-speed bearings with vertical shaft – gas bearings
  • Station for testing fretting FRET – 3 with computerized measurement and control systems

Division of Motor Vehicles – laboratory

The scientific and research potential of the Division of Motor Vehicles is significantly increased by the dedicated research laboratory equipped with the fixed drum station for testing the noise and rolling friction of tyres (for cars and vans) and unique testing station with large drum for testing the truck tyres. Some research stations within the laboratory of the Division of Motor Vehicles are mobile to allow testing the roads and tyres in the driving environment. The laboratory is equipped with the following testing equipment:

  • Drum testing stations with the drum diameter of 1.5 m and 1.7 m for testing the noise generated by car and van tyres.
  • Drum testing station with the drum diameter of 2.0 m for testing the noise and rolling friction of car, van and truck tyres.
  • SLIPSONIC trailer for testing the grip and noise of tyres loaded with the driving or braking torque.
  • TIRESONIC Mk3 and Mk4 trailers for testing the noise generated by car and van tyres
  • R2 and R2Mk2 trailers for testing the rolling friction of car and van tyres

Didactics in English

The following subjects are taught in English:Computer Aided Engineering Calculations

  • Field of studies: Energy Technologies within interdisciplinary course Power Engineering
  • Occupational Health and Safety Ergonomics
  • Machine Design I, II i III
  • Geometry and Technical Drawing
  • Introduction to CAD/CAM
  • Field of studies: International Design Engineer (2nd degree studies Mechanical Engineering)
  • Modelling Methods in Design
  • Computer Aided Machine Design