Offer for the Industry

Division of Eco-engineering and Combustion Engines

  • Construction of high-performance apparatus for transferring heat, particularly with phase change, based on the extended surfaces
  • Testing and determination of the properties of industrial devices and apparatus
  • Assessment of the recuperation systems applicable to waste and sewage, testing the properties of raw material

Division of Fluid Mechanics, Water Turbines and Pumps

  • Designing thermal turbines and micro-turbines (steam and gas driven for ORC power plants)
  • CFD calculations of machines, flying objects, floating vessels and vehicles
  • Calculations and research of cavitation phenomena, optimization of turbine thermodynamic systems
  • Rotor dynamics, aerodynamic extortions, turbine sealing systems, active control of the flow and mechanical vibrations
  • Renewable energy and energy storage
  • Highly efficient 60+ coal-powered power plants and power plants for distributed and prosument energy production

Division of Thermal Engineering Systems and Devices

  • Prosument energy production, co-generation and tri-generation devices
  • Waste heat utilization  (ORC, heat pumps)
  • Conventional and non-conventional heating systems
  • High-temperature and cascade heat pumps
  • Modern heat exchangers – mini-tube, micro-flow and hybrid heat exchangers
  • Intensification of the heat exchange process in single and two phase systems
  • Techniques of passive transportation of heat and mass
  • Design and acceptance of power engineering systems

Division of Thermodynamics, Cooling and Air-Conditioning

  • LCD thermography in technical and biomedical applications
  • High-temperature energy conversion technologies (HTAC/HTAG)
  • Environment friendly utilization of primary and renewable energy sources
  • Heat recuperation in cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • New low-boiling point mediums in cooling, A/C devices and in heat pumps
  • Highly-efficient exchangers for heat recuperation and heat accumulators