Offer for industry


  1. Manufacturing techniques laboratory

The offer includes 5 types of winding machines for stretch wrap, cling wrap, tin foil and food wrap:


  1. For winding (packaging) stretch wrap (with cutting – miniwraps), food wrap, tin foils and selected types of paper,
  2. For winding and longitudinal cutting of stretch wrap,
  3. For winding the wrap with simultaneous stretching to up to 300%,
  4. Automated machine for stretch wrap,
  5. Winder for machine stretch wrap.
  1. Designing technological processes for various products within the scope of processing, repairs (regeneration) considering the productivity ratio and Lean Production techniques.
  2. Designing technological process for machine parts considering, in particular highly-precise machining
  3. Automation and modernization of technological machines


The offer covers the works within the scope of control systems, drive systems and diagnostics of the manufacturing machines:


  1. Design, modernization and diagnostics of the drive systems incorporating electrical motors, pneumatic and hydraulic motors, gear box assemblies, bearing mounting, guide bars, etc.,
  2. Design and programming of machine control systems, including PLC and HMI/SCADA, designing the stations for conducting the control systems tests,
  3. Application of the computerized data acquisition systems (DAQ) in the diagnostics of machines, programming the measurement application, selection of sensors and transducers for measuring tasks,
  4. Consulting, aid in start-ups, preparation and conducting the ordered trainings on automation, modernization and diagnostics of machines.


  5.  Creation and manufacturing of new products made of plastics (3D modelling, prototyping using SLA method)

  6.  Complex research on wood cutting with saws, including the construction design and tests of cutting machines, diagnostic devices for saws and cutting tools

  7. Fused filament fabrication methods for machine parts in CAD/CAM systems (Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, Active Production Method)

  8. The Team of Quality Management and Metrology performs services and research work for external subjects as well as conducts statistic analyses and assessments of the measurement results within the following scope:


  1. Classic measurements of dimensions of length and angles,
  2. Complex measurements of length and geometry of objects using coordinate measuring machine,
  3. Measurements of multiple-blade tools and complex objects using digital optics technique,
  4. Static and dynamic measurements of selected frame sizes.


  9.  Trainings on programming CNC machining tools