A brief history of the Department

The beginnings of the activity of the Department of Mechanics and Mechatronics can be traced back to 1945. They are closely related to the beginnings of the activity of Gdańsk University of Technology and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The university president of that time, Professor Stanisław Łukaszewicz, managed to recruit a number of renowned mechanical engineers, scientists and academic teachers, including Professor Maksymilian Tytus Huber, PhD, former professor at Lvov University of Technology and at Warsaw University of Technology. Professor Łukaszewicz also managed to recruit a number of outstanding young scientists, including: Jarosław Naleszkiewicz, PhD, until 1939 the head of the department of airframe research at Aviation Research Institute; Engineer Marian Piątek, former associate professor at the Department of Material Strength in Lvov University of Technology, Engineer Roman Stefek, former associate professor at Mechanical Experimental Unit of Material Research at Lvov University of Technology and Engineer Alfred Rachalski. They formed the core of the newly created Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Professor Karol Taylor became the first dean of the faculty.

In 1945, within the Institute of Material Strength formed at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Technical Mechanics was appointed - it was headed by Professor M.T. Huber and the lectures were conducted by: J. Naleszkiewicz, M. Piątek, Karol Spryngier, Leopold Rucki i Zbigniew Olesiak. The same year the Department of Material Strength and Advanced Mechanics was formed. It was also headed by Professor M.T. Huber, while the lectures were conducted by Jerzy Rutecki, Associate Professor and assistant lecturer Stefan Puzyna.

Prof. Maksymilian Tytus Huber (seated) with a group of students, academic year 1946

The staff of the Department in 1958. From left to right:: J. Naleszkiewicz, visitor, K. Wituszyński, J. Rutecki, J. Muszkiet, W. Kurski, J. Mierzejewski, ?, J. Długosz, R. Stefek, W. Adamkiewicz

The documents of 1950 related to the Department of Technical Mechanics mention the following names: Professor M. Piątek, L. Rucki, Z. Tatkowski, W. Dziewulski, T. Kurzyński, J. Lietz, A. Siwkowski, M. Smółka, H. Spus, A. Szaniawski, however the documents related to the Department of Material Strength and Advanced Mechanics mention the names of: J. Naleszkiewicz, J. Rutecki, R. Stefek, F. Twardosz, J. Długosz, C. Pietrzyk, R. Popkowicz, B. Poźniak, M. Wesołowski.

Throughout its long history, the structure and the name of the Department had undergone numerous changes. Since 2010, after combining with the Department of Hydraulics and Pneumatics, it has been operating under the current name of the Department of Mechanics and Mechatronics.

Among the professors and habilitated doctors who have recently been related to the Department one should list the following persons: Professor Bohdan Kowalczyk, Professor Jan Kruszewski, Professor Włodzimierz Gawroński, Professor Wiesław Ostachowicz, Professor Zbigniew Walczyk, Professor Andrzej Osiecki, Andrzej Balawender, PhD, Cezary Orlikowski, PhD, Tomasz Kucharski, PhD.

Currently there are six professors and habilitated doctors involved with the Department: Professor Edmund Wittbrodt, Professor Krzysztof Kaliński, Krzysztof Lipiński, PhD, Leszek Osiecki, PhD, Marek Galewski, PhD and Mirosław Gerigk, PhD.