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The Team of Manufacturing Process Planning and Automation is the largest scientific research and didactic team within the Department of Machine Technology and Manufacturing Process Automation. The team deals with computer-aided technological processes design and computer-aided manufacturing systems design. The scientific research and didactic themes also include the technology of polymer materials and the techniques of fused filament fabrication of models and machine parts. The research and development of the basis and technology of the finishing chip-free machining by burnishing and abrasive machining by grinding, micro-grinding and smoothing of metal and ceramic elements belongs to the group of leading research programs in the countries. The team’s staff field of interest also includes the principles of the exploitation and overhaul of machines and business solutions regarding new investment projects in the context of increased productivity and applying Lean Production techniques.

The research and development activities as well as services provided by the Team of Machine Tools, Tools and Machining regards, in the first place, the issues connected with technological machines, including the construction and exploitation of machine tools and machine cutting tools. Among others, the team is tasked with continuation of the long-lasting tradition regarding the mechanical wood technology and, in particular, researching the energy performance of wood cutting process, promoting material-saving cutting technologies and research on the dynamics of circular saws. The team is highly experienced in cooperation with the business entities, proven by numerous launchings of machines, devices, diagnostic devices; participation in the projects realized with the financial support of the European Regional Development fund; aid in the preparation of the merits for operational programs Innovative Economy and Intelligent Development; expertise and professional assessments of new technologies.

The Team of Quality Management and Metrology conducts scientific research connected with the measurements of the size, geometry and surface area of the objects. Basic research includes the contact measurements of the surfaces and the analyses of the measurement in the statistical, normative and spectral contexts of the profile elements unevenness, band decomposition of the components of corrugation and surface roughness. As far as the practical context is concerned, the team conducts the diagnostic research on the interactions within the machining system, based on the identification of the distortions of the unevenness of the surface. The statutory research projects include the contactless measurements of the surfaces using various laser transducers and improving such systems, as well as research on the influence of the machining parameters on the geometrical structure of the surface in the hardened state.