Call to participate in the project: Negative CO2 emission gas power plant

Dear Candidate!

A well established scientific team at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Gdańsk University of Technology is looking for students of last semesters of postgraduate studies, who would like to get involved in the research project or PhD studies commencing in October 2020. Activities are planned within the framework of a very challenging Polish-Norwegian POLNOR CCS project "Negative CO2 emission gas power plant" (acronym NEGATIVE-CO2-PP), concerning the development of a modern concept of a power plant with no CO2 emissions from the system, or even its negative balance.

Project description

Gdańsk University of Technology is the leader of the entire project, which is carried out in a close cooperation with a very well established institutions such as Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery of Polish Academy of Sciences, Wrocław University of Science and Technology, AGH University of Science and Technology and two Polish enterprises (IASE - Institute of Power Systems Automation Sp. z o.o. and Bros Control Sp. z o.o.). as well as two Norwegian partners, namely: NTNU (Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet) and SINTEF (SINTEF Energi AS).

The main objective of the project is to design and build two demonstration installations, namely:

1) sewage sludge gasification – work conducted by teams from Wrocław and NTNU;

2) combustion of this unusual fuel and subsequent CO2 capture (all partners).

In Gdańsk itself, a technology is to be developed and modelled for the management of the syngas produced from sewage sludge gasification, and then a dedicated wet combustion chamber is to be developed with the use of oxy-combustion for this type of fuel. The entire installation is planned to fit into a container and demonstrate the capabilities of the developed technology, including a spray-ejector condenser, expander and heat exchangers. Once the system is integrated, it will be possible to capture CO2 from commonly problematic waste and achieve a positive environmental impact, whilst generating electricity and heat. There are no such installations yet developed!

Requirements for candidates

Candidates should have a strong will to develop their skills and feature a very good knowledge of basic subjects, i.e. mathematics, physics, engineering graphics (including CAD/CAM). A good knowledge of advanced engineering software for modelling thermodynamics, thermo-flow, physical, chemical or physico-chemical processes is welcome. The ability to handle Ansys Package or Ebsilon  or Aspen codes is an advantage. Good command of English is also important. We are looking for 2-3 candidates.

Further information:

Candidates interested in pursuit of these interesting and challenging tasks are welcome to contact the Project Leader Prof. Dariusz Mikielewicz (email: with the attached CV.


We look forward to see you!

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