Electroceramic Thin Films: Technology, Properties and Applications

Message from the Guest Editors

Dear Colleagues,

Electroceramic thin films are fascinating and attractive for scientific discoveries leading to novel innovations. They are needed for basic studies and device development. Due to their small volume and large geometrical flexibility, new properties or phenomena, new crystallographic structures, and new engineered structures unique to electroceramic thin films are now exploited in a wide range of engineering and basic science disciplines.


This Special Issue is focused on processing, characterization, structure, properties, modeling, and performance of electroceramic thin films. This includes but is not limited to the areas of: Dielectrics; Ferroelectrics; Ion conductors, mixed ionicelectronic conductors; Mechanics and nanomechanics of thin layers; Wireless communications; Actuators, sensors, and transducers; Energy harvesting.


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Prof. Dr. Dionizy Czekaj
Prof. Dr. Agata Lisińska-Czekaj
Guest Editors

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